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* These examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced FortuneBuilders’ training and coaching. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a FortuneBuilders' coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Earnings and Income Disclaimers and Terms of Use.
To apply for the Mastery Implementation Coaching Program with Than Merrill please fill out the form above to schedule your interview! We will then contact you within 48 hours.
Mastery Coaching & Support
24 Weeks of Intensive Weekly Coaching
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Weekly Core Training Videos

We have broken the 6-month Mastery program down into a 24 week curriculum. Each week you will be implementing and building out a different segment of your Real Estate business following our step-by-step modules.
Each module kicks off with the release of the Weekly Core Training Videos (on Monday). The video content is logically and intuitively laid out in 5 to 10 minute clips for each subtopic. Not only can you watch the video trainings on the Mastery Member's Website, you can ALSO download the videos to your computer, iPod, iTouch or iPhone!
The beauty of this program is that if you ever get busy one week, go on vacation, want to skip ahead, or fall behind, every training module is pre-loaded to the website. You can always pick up where you left off.


LIVE Question & Answer Coaching Call

On Tuesday's we have a LIVE Question & Answer Webinar with the Coaching Team. These calls are designed specifically to answer your questions about any area of the business – whether you are working on a deal or need better understanding of the topic covered on the Weekly Core Training Videos, we are here to help.
These webinars are always recorded, the content broken down into short clips labeled by the specific question covered during that segment, and posted to the Mastery site with 48 hours. All these questions are also searchable which gives you an unbelievable resource center you can refer back to. You'll also have 24/7 access to the site, so you can leverage all the resources provided to you.


LIVE Business Development Coaching Call
troubleshoot any roadblocks you may have hit while working on your weekly action plan assignment. This kind of support every step of the way is invaluable. On these webinars we do trainings on advanced real estate topics, business development topics, as well as current market updates. An example of the types of topics we train on are included below
  • Quickbooks for Real Estate Investors
  • Understanding Hud-1's & Title Reports
  • Making Money by Referring Leads
  • Buying Shopping Centers
  • Wholesaling with Self-Directed IRA's
  • Setting Up Limited Partnerships
  • Hiring Employees
  • Business Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Word Press Blogging for Leads
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Getting Business Lines of Credit
  • 1031 Exchanges & Reverse Exchanges
  • Virtual Investing/Wholesaling
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants
  • Creating Info Products







24 Action Plan Modules Designed to Set Up Your Business   Read More


Weekly Action Plan Videos

The sole purpose of the Mastery Program is to break the business down into systems that you can replicate in your market. Each week we give you a VERY specific plan of action to execute.
Becoming a successful investor is nothing more than having the discipline to execute projects on a weekly basis. That is why divided the business up into different systems that you will be executing every week
The real estate business is nothing more than the set up and implementation of different systems. There are marketing systems, acquisition systems, financing systems, selling systems, business management systems. Once everything is set up the inevitable result is that you will have consistent deals to look at and inevitably make a lot more money.
Every week along with the Weekly Core Training Videos we release the Weekly Action Plan Assignment Video. The Action Plan is explained in a very detailed 15-20 minute video showing you exactly how to execute the step-by-step system you will be implementing that week.


Weekly Action Plans

Often times, implementation is the most intimidating step for investors. But in the Mastery Program ALL THE THINKING IS DONE FOR YOU.
In addition to the Action Plan Video you'll also have a downloadable "Implementation Checklist" broken down into the chronological micro-steps and projects you must take to conquer the mission at hand and achieve each goal. Along with the Execution checklist we provide you with all of the essential documents and resources you'll need to complete the Action Plan!
1 on 1 Coaching Sessions   Read More


Weekly Action Plan Videos
If you've ever owned a business… any business… you'll agree that the growth of your business will be restricted without a mentor to hold you accountable, to tell you the brutal truth and identify the constraints of your business. That's why we provide you with one –on-one coaching support.
Whether you are working on a deal, having trouble building out an aspect of you business, or just need a kick in the butt we are there for you. Your assigned implementation coach will set a schedule for your appointments. Our coaching team is there to help you solve your problems and provide an expert opinion for you to bounce ideas off of.
26 Weeks of Email & Emergency Hotline Support  Read More

The Philosophy of Our Support System:
This support system will ease your worries and keep you sane! Personal support is the core of the Mastery program. Support is inevitably what every investor needs. I would attribute the majority of my success in this business to my support systems and a network of other successful investors I have developed. The beauty is we have created these structures for you so you don't have to spend the time and energy and instead can start benefiting from the support from the very beginning.

Email Support/One-On-One Coaching Appointments
Any coaching program would be incomplete without e-mail support and phone support to help answer your most pressing time sensitive questions. You will be given a special Mastery support email address you can use at any time (day or night) to ask a specific question you need answered or request a one-on-one appointment with a Coach.
Molly, the CEO of the Mastery Program, oversees all support needs and will get your non-real estate questions answered within hours and all real estate related questions answered by the appropriate coach within 24 hours. Molly, does not sleep. Try emailing her at an odd hour and I bet you get a response. She actually lives in an oxygen tank and is the only human I know that does not require sleep. Luckily, we only have to pay her for 12 hours of work a day. The rest is FREE!

Phone Hotline Support

HELP?! If a deal is falling apart and you need urgent help, we have set up an Emergency Phone Hotline where you can reach one of the coaches.
While we ask that you only utilize this resource in true emergency situations, we want you to take comfort in knowing IF YOU NEED A LIFERAFT, WE ARE HERE! There will be a few deals that will fit this criteria so we are there for you. (Xmas and Halloween excluded)
Business Plan Review & Deal Submission Review   Read More


Business Plan Review
Every Mastery student has different financial and real estate related goals. Some Mastery students work the business part time and others do it full time. As a result we help you develop a plan based on the hours you have to commit and how much you would like to make.
Together we help develop a realistic and achievable financial blueprint that you will execute over the course of six months.


Deal Submission Review
Having a second set of eyes look at your real estate deals you put under contract is highly recommended. This is especially true if you are new. Often times we can show you how to better structure or enhance your profit on a deal just with a quick review. We can also help save you from a pending disaster that can lock you down for months. This is probably the most valuable resource we can provide you…period!
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24/7 Access to the Mastery Website
The Mastery program will continue to be an invaluable resource for you far beyond your intensive 6-months. We have many graduates who still use the site every day as a Resource Center for their business.
As part of the Mastery Family you will have 24/7 FREE Access to the Mastery Website…all of the trainings, resources, Question & Answer library…and ALL of the trainings we run in the program after your six months is over.
As the program continues and the real estate market changes, you'll have access to all the new ongoing trainings as well.

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Mastery Mastermind Event
The Mastermind Event is unlike any other Coaching Event you'll find! It's an extremely intimate gathering held twice a year – just you, the entire Coaching Team and your fellow Mastery students.
Folks, some of the brightest minds in the business are Mastery members. This opportunity to "think-tank" with other like-minded super-successful Investors and pick their brains is absolutely priceless. You will be amazed how much in-depth information you'll learn about investing during these exhilarating days. Mastermind Events are recorded for you as well so you can continue to benefit from all that is shared even after the event.

Homestudy Systems & Online Training Products
Marketing Homestudy System
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Than’s marketing systems is a critical core component to establishing the foundation of your real estate business. In the real estate course, Marketing for Deals, Than Merrill gives you the strategies and systems for the most critical piece of any real estate business…MARKETING. Than analyzes 17 different methods of advertising that he has applied in his own business. He breaks each down into advantages and disadvantages, cost effectiveness and distribution.
Wholesaling Homestudy System   Read More

This investing course, Wholesaling For Quick Cash, is the most in depth teaching tool for wholesaling real estate and can dramatically increase your chances of being successful in the real estate business. This step-by-step program dissects the business model implemented by the largely successful investing company, CT Homes LLC, which has done hundreds of real estate transactions. The methods and strategies within Wholesaling For Quick Cash are ones that can be easily emulated and can guarantee you a high level of success in your investing ventures…
Rehabbing Homestudy System   Read More

In this home study course, Rehabbing For Huge Profits, Paul Esajian will teach you how to evaluate a house in disrepair, figure out a total repair cost in 15 minutes or less, where to find the best deals on construction materials, how to control your rehab costs, and how to manage your relationships with contractors, so you will never go over budget on your property flip.
Pre-Foreclosure/Short Sale – Online Training   Read More

Web-Based Format Contains All Training Material

Every single aspect of the short sale process has been broken down into micro-topics, each of which is covered in-depth on a 10-20 minute training video. The training videos cover everything from how to get foreclosure lists online, to Hud-1 Trainings, to how the double closing process actually works when you have a retail buyer.

Each comprehensive training video is organized on the Short Sale Super Series Members Website, under its specific stage in the short sale process, making the teaching not only thorough, but effective as well. You can learn at your own pace, as well as easily refer back to a training video on a specific topic. If you are right in the middle of a short sale file, you can go directly to the training video relevant to the step you need to learn. You can move through the training with confidence knowing that you have this essential information at your fingertips to use as a reference as you are implementing what you’ve learned.

Here’s A Snap-Shot of The Module (each Module contains dozens of 10-20 minute training videos!):

Week One:

Module 1. Foreclosure Marketing Plan

Module 2. Taking Leads From Sellers & Appraising Property Value

Module 3. Evaluating Short Sale Leads

Week Two:

Module 4. Preparing The Seller For The Appointment Over The Phone

Module 5. Preparing Yourself For The Seller Meeting

Module 6. Meeting With The Seller

Module 7. Contacting & Communicating With The Bank

Module 8. Understanding & Preparing The Short Sale Package

Week Three:

Module 9. Following Up With The Bank

Module 10. Attending The Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Module 11. Negotiating With The Bank

Week Four:

Module 12. Following Up With The Bank

Module 13. Closing Deals & Exit Strategies

Week-by-Week Action Assignments

Every week a new series of training videos will be released accompanied by that week’s Action Assignment. We’ve created these action assignments because in order to start closing short sale deals you need to actually go out there and put the strategies you’ve learned in motion! Often times, implementation is the most intimidating step for investors, which is why we are here to help guide you along your path. You will only learn by doing! This is what seminars can not accomplish. Just imagine being able to actually implement what you learn, refer back to training videos as you actually work on pre-foreclosure deals in the future, and be able to ask questions during the live webinars. No where else will you get this kind of training!
3 Live Coaching Webinars

Than Merrill and Pat Precourt will host 3 LIVE coaching Webinars centered on the training and Action Assignments you will be working on! Inevitably every investor has questions they need answers to as they begin implementing the short sale strategies they’ve learned. These training calls where your questions will be taken are designed specifically to help you overcome the “speed bumps” you may hit along the way. All of these webinars will be recorded and in case you miss one for any reason, they will be available for you to replay at your convenience.
Downloadable Short Sale Forms And Contracts

In order to be a successful short sale investor, you must have the right TOOLS! I’ve included everything you need to submit a complete short sale package to the bank, and greatly increase your chances of getting it accepted! Included are everything from blank HUD-1’s, to CYA disclosures, to the newest option contract we have been using the past 6 months to flip properties to retail buyers. These forms and documents are an integral part of my short sale business and are essential to helping you increase your short sale profits while saving you time! The short sale business has changed so much in the past 8 months and it is imperative that you have the right paperwork to not only profit, but protect yourself when you are performing short sales.
Short Sale Case Study Files

I will also give you a step-by-step walk through of short sale deals we’ve actually done. You’ll get all the nitty-gritty details on how I found, negotiated, structured my offer and sold the property. Included will be the entire example short sale packages, bank communication timelines, and all of the documents we used to close the deal. Most new investors falter with their first couple short sales because they submit weak short sale packages, miss an important step in the timeline, and because they don’t have all the right documents. One of the best ways to learn is by going through case studies on ACTUAL DEALS. During the 4 week training I even include videos of me going through the actual packages and outlining the deals themselves. It is almost as if you were in my office shadowing me on a day by day basis. It is important for you to understand these deals from the inside and out, to learn from my failures and successes, and to take away from it the lessons that I had to learn the hard way! Believe me… some of the mistakes I have made cost me a lot more than the small investment you will be making. Education is priceless.
6 Week Negotiation Series – Online Training   Read More

Series of 6 Comprehensive Negotiation Online Training Sessions:

SESSION #1 Negotiating With Sellers

In this session you will learn how to handle the top 3 objections you’ll get from every Seller (Price, Terms, and Closing Date). You will know how to speak with and build rapport with any Seller no matter what their personality type. You’ll master the skills to get a Seller to sign a contract on the first meeting. You’ll learn step-by-step the closing techniques to aid you in negotiating a lower purchase price. Than will also detail how to control the Seller and get access to the home to show your Buyers.
SESSION #2 Negotiating With Private Lenders

During this session you learn how to negotiate with Lenders to get a highly competitive rate on loans. You’ll have a clear understanding of how to evoke curiosity with Lenders so that they are dying to meet you. You’ll master the art of influence to get Lenders to trust you in less than 10 minutes. Than will reveal the top 5 objections every Private Lender has and how to handle and overcome those objections. You’ll know how to close the deal and actually get the Lender to send over funds.
SESSION #3 Negotiating With Banks

In this session Than will reveal his most effective strategies to influence a BPO agent and get them to turn in a low appraisal. You will learn how to build rapport with any Bank Rep handling your file. You’ll know the secrets to get your files pushed to the top of the pile. You’ll discover how to get your offers accepted even when the Bank initially rejects them.
SESSION #4 Negotiating With Contractors

In this session you will learn how you can reduce the cost of your job bids. You’ll know how to handle unexpected change orders. You will get a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how to negotiate the contract and protect yourself as an investor. You will discover the skills to build long term relationships with Contractors so they never leave you.
SESSION #5 Negotiating With Buyers

In this session Than will reveal how to negotiate a full price offer and make the Buyer feel good about it. You’ll learn the skills to negotiate the inspection report and save yourself thousands of dollars. You’ll be shown how to negotiate with a Buyer who wants to back out and get them to close. You will learn exactly what to do to hypnotize Investor Buyers so you get offers within hours.
SESSION #6 Negotiating With Business Partners & JV Affiliates

During this session you will learn how to structure any partnership so you get your fair share of the pie. Than will give you a clear picture of how to avoid the three biggest mistakes that kill most partnerships. You’ll also discover how to avoid a nasty breakup and expensive court fees. You will learn how to re-negotiate and restructure any partnership that is failing. You’ll master the skills to communicate openly with any partner.
Negotiations “Objections Manual”

Each week of the series you will get an Objections Packet relevant to the subject matter of that week’s training. At the end of the Series you will then receive the complete “Objections Manual” which will be an invaluable reference for you to keep in your Negotiation Arsenal!
24/7 Access to Than Merrill’s “Objections Online Audio Library!”

When you are right in the middle of a deal and an issue comes up…you need answers and you need them now! So what Than has done for you is composed an online Library of Objections Audio clips and scripts broken down into micro-topics. Simply jump on the online Library, search for subject of the objection you need help with and voila…just click play and listen to Than handle that very objection! This is also a PERFECT training tool to use when hiring an assistant or virtual assistant!
FortuneBuilders University Membership   Read More

Within the University we will be teaching you all the aspects of real estate starting with low value residential homes all the way up to commercial property. Our goal is simple. If you are a new investor we will help you get your first deal done in the shortest time frame possible. If you are an experienced investor we will show you how to automate all areas of your business so you can work less and make more. We are also going to open many people’s minds to some of the unknown areas of investing. The saying “once the mind expands it will never contract” well, that is definitely the case here! Many of these classes will be taught by Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, and the FortuneBuilders Team. However, we have also picked some of the leading minds in the industry to teach CONTENT ONLY classes as well.
Live Training Packages
The Ultimate REO & Short Sale Intensive Bootcamp
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JD Esajian is joined by Short Sale Superstars Bob LaChance and Pat Precourt (who have done over 700 short sales!!) and get ready to tap into the foreclosure goldmine! If you’re an investor looking to dominate in today’s market and explode your income this year, you must become an absolute expert in SHORT SALES! The potential profits are unlimited! Foreclosures are at an all time high, which means MORE MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU! A short sale can be done on any type of pre-foreclosure property, in any condition. In fact, ugly houses that are about to fall apart or are in need of major renovations are likely to make you the MOST PROFITS! Lenders will give you bigger discounts if they see the house is going to be difficult to sell in its current condition! If you haven’t already jumped into the short sale game or want to learn how to dominate your local market, this is the event for you!
Day 1: Marketing for Huge Profits in Pre-Foreclosures
  • Top Online Strategies For Generating Motivated Seller Leads
  • Building Your Marketing Plan So You Never Have To Worry Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From
  • How To Pre-Screen all Pre-Foreclosure Leads
  • Walk You Through A Deal Evaluation Process So You Can Properly Value Any Property Even In A Fluctuating Or Declining Market

Day 2: Loss Mitigation & Negotiation
  • We Will Break Down The REO Process And Understand The Insiders Secrets The Banks Don’t Want You To Know
  • We Will Share The Strategies Of Identifying The Top Agents, How To Communicate, And Enroll Them In Your Business To Make You Money On Opportunities That Haven’t Even Hit The MLS
  • Teach You How To Find Both Retail and Wholesale buyers
  • You Will Learn How To Control The Buyer As You Negotiate, Process And Structure The Liquidation Of The Deal
  • We Will Be Going Through A Very Detailed Outline of The Double Closing Process Once The Bank Has Accepted Your Short Sale Deal.

Day 3: Settlement & Disposition
  • The Realtor Referral System: How To Find The Top Performing Realtors In Your Area And Get Them To Send You ALL Of Their Leads
  • The Advanced Realtor Referral System: How To Give Effective Powerpoint Presentations To Groups Of Realtors At Their Offices To Generate Massive Leads
  • Effective Direct Mail Strategies: How To Find The Best Lists, Which Direct Mail Pieces Have The Highest Response Rates, And How To Beat Your Competition To The Punch
  • Other Offline Techniques We Will Be Teaching: Building Relationships With Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, Other Investors Who Don’t Do Short Sales, Voice Blasts, Bandit Signs
  • Online Marketing Techniques: Videos, Blogs, Online Classified Ads, And PPC campaigns. How To Dominate Pre-Foreclosure Related Keywords To Generate Consistent Pre-Foreclosure Leads
Paul Esajian's 4 Day Intensive Rehab Bootcamp   Read More


Anyone who has attended one of our Bootcamps in the past will tell you that it is an absolutely life-changing experience. Rehabbing properties and managing contractors is a fast game. Few investors have the perseverance to succeed in the rehab business, because the game is hard to master. Mistakes on the job can cause you to lose your shirt or worse yet have your shirt ripped off your back. The scope of knowledge you must possess to complete a profitable rehab is very large…it’s these new systems and strategies that we will be sharing with everyone who joins us at the event!

DAY 1: The Top Techniques to find Houses, Contractors, and the system to follow to get the Best Rehab Team

  • Learn the latest Marketing techniques and online strategies to get all the deals you will ever need to Rehab or Wholesale
  • Learn How to Prescreen Contractors with A System (Live Role Playing with Contractors)
  • Learn How to Market For, Locate and Identify the top 5% of quality contractors to make any Rehab a success
  • Step by Step breakdown of the Rehabbing Process
  • Learn the order of work on every house, starting with the paperwork needed for any project and all contractors
  • How to Formulate A Scope of Work
  • How to Formulate A Payment Schedule to keep every job on track
  • Current Material and Labor costs breakdown so you can save on your next Rehab and estimate repairs for your next Wholesale
  • Learn the Rehab techniques that will make you the most successful Wholesaler in your State!!
  • Learn the techniques to estimate renovation costs accurately in 15 minutes or less for your Rehab

  • Q&A with our Contractors on site at the projects themselves
  • A live Bus Tour of our existing projects to learn all the Rehab ins & outs ON SITE
  • Job Site Rehab and Contractor Evaluations – ON SITE!!!
  • Understand the principals of Redesigning Spatial Layouts and Optimize Floor Plans at actual projects on Site
  • Learn How to Introduce, Sign, and Implement the 6 Essential Documents to sign with every contractor on every job!
  • Learn How to Manage the exclusive FortuneBuilder’s Rehab System to Stay on Schedule and keep Under Budget
  • Identify the problem houses that never make any investor money and the reasons houses don’t sell
  • Understand how to handle violations & citations from building departments, including Lead & Mold and how you can make a fortune with these deals!!!
  • Identify the most common mistakes & projects that new investors underestimate and NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM, these will end your career before it even gets started

  • Sizzle features to implement and install in every Rehab to sell your house fast
  • Learn the 5 top kitchens’ that can sell any house!!!
  • Make every buyer write an offer once they see the Bathrooms you have installed from our Scope of Work
  • How to check buyer’s credit, mortgage, and financing to only take your Deal off the market with a qualified buyer
  • Learn what legal structure and entity is best to make the most money and protect your assets
  • The top 5 things to do before listing any house to insure it is ready to sell
  • How to take advantage of the Excess Surplus Market to Insure ALL your burned out, bombed, uninsurable houses!!!
DAY 4: Office Set Up & Accounting Software and Procedures to count every dollar you earn, & how to take the Residential Redevelopment Business to the Next Level on any residential or Commercial deal!!

  • Learn how build and grow relationships with Contractors so you can grow your Rehab Team
  • Setting up your Rehab Office from the paperwork filing down to the accounting
  • Understanding the best system for Account Payables and Account Receivables
  • Learn the available accounting systems and the best one for you to organize, and run your whole Real Estate business from Rehabbing, Wholesaling, and Landlording
  • How to use Quickbooks and what are the most important reports for every investor to use
  • Learn how to set the Rules, create a Mission Statement, and Motivate you and your Team
  • The most important steps to identify and examine to partner with anyone to make money
  • How to hire your first Employee
  • Finally what we are doing in today’s market to stay ahead of the curve on building a buyers list and selling houses before we even own them!!
Than Merrill's 4 Day Intensive Marketing & Wholesaling Bootcamp   Read More

DAY 1: Setting Up Your Company And Creating A Marketing Plan To Find Deals

  • Learn how to set up your corporate and office systems correctly
  • Learn how to integrate technology from day one including setting up multiple websites, your phone systems, and database
  • How to implement and automate our brand new offline marketing strategies (including a phenomenal fulfillment house we’ve recently teamed up with that now handles ALL of our direct mail)
  • FREE online marketing techniques that we are using to drive in seller leads!
  • How to create an online presence in 7 days or less to dominate your local market
  • Custom design a step by step marketing plan you can put into effect immediately incorporating the most effective online AND offline strategies to generate a TON of buyer and seller leads
  • How to build a stellar marketing team so you can beat the pants off your competition
  • How to outsource your marketing to other people so you can focus on what’s important — BUYING PROPERTIES
  • Marketing round table so you can pick the brains of the top marketing experts who are literally buying and selling hundreds of houses each year collectively
DAY 2: Evaluating Deals, Creating Buying Systems, And Virtual Investing Tools

  • How to evaluate deals quickly and easily without leaving your house
  • Learn how to appraise the value of any property so you can have the confidence to make offers every time you visit a seller
  • Learn how we are using the power of the Internet to evaluate properties that are outside your area
  • Practice sessions on meeting with sellers and handling objections so you will never lose a deal to a competitor ever again
  • Learn how to structure creative offers so you can buy houses without any of your own cash
  • How to write contracts the right way so you eliminate all of the risk
  • Setting up and leveraging your Lead Management Systems
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants to evaluate your deals and streamline your entire lead generation process
  • Virtual Investing Tools that will help you make WAY MORE money in WAY LESS time
  • BRING YOUR ACTIVE DEALS! We will be doing live Wholesaling Case Studies where we will analyze them, structure them, and more importantly ensure they get accepted!!
DAY 3: New Rehabbing Strategies, Building Your Buyers List, And Implementing The 9 Step Selling System

  • Learn the different approaches we are taking in today’s changing market to automate our Rehabbing projects, decrease our overhead, and increase our profits
  • Top marketing strategies (including using video, squeeze pages, landing pages and more) to build a massive builders list. These are the strategies we’ve used to add over 30,000 people to our buyers list in the last year alone
  • Advanced Online Tools we’ve implemented to channel leads and get our properties SOLD using the 9 Step Selling System
  • Practice sessions on meeting with sellers and handling objections so you will never lose a deal to a competitor ever again
  • Learn my top online and offline property marketing strategies to get your properties SOLD at lightning speed
  • Learn how to turn bad credit buyers into homeowners with 5 simple steps
  • How to get your properties sold without having to meet with buyers or show properties yourself
  • How to get investor buyers literally fawning all over you hoping you will sell them a property
  • How to step-by-step implement the 9 Stage Selling System to completely automate every phase of the selling process!
DAY 4: Financing Properties, Business Planning, Virtual Outsourcing, And Bulk Reo Property Opportunities

  • Learn 10 killer negotiating tips you can use to get any bank to discount
  • Learn how to set up Transactional Funding is a MUST in today’s wholesaling market
  • The changes in Creative Financing Strategies and what’s WORKING right now
  • Learn how to do deals in your IRA so you will never have to pay taxes again
  • Set goals for the upcoming year so you have an action plan when you leave
  • How to find and buy deeply discounted bulk REO properties, which is one of today’s HUGEST money making opportunities!
  • How to automate your biz by having people who can work around the clock for you!
  • What type of work you can and should be outsourcing virtually, and more importantly what you should not outsource virtually
  • The best companies to hire virtual assistants at dirt cheap prices
  • The best websites to post projects on and get others bidding
  • How to pre-screen and hire the best virtual assistants and service providers
  • How to set up a training system to get your VA’s trained quickly and correctly from day one!
  • Learn how to manage and pay your Virtual Assistant’s
  • Set goals for the upcoming year so you have an action plan when you leave!
Info Empire Web Wealth Event – 3 Days + Guest   Read More


Online Affiliate Marketing

How To Build A Huge Email List
  • Joint Ventures
  • Videos
  • Blogging
  • Articles
  • Pay Per Click
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Email Marketing
  • How To Build A Relationship With Your Email List
    Affiliate Marketing
  • Getting Started
  • Picking The Right Offers
  • Tracking Your Email Marketing Metrics
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Win Launches With Your List
  • Hosting Webinars

    Creating Your First Info Product
  • Creating Your First Info Product
  • Product Creation Secrets
  • Setting Up Your Merchant Accounts
  • Selecting The Right Merchant Provider
  • Setting Up Shopping Carts Database Selection
  • Which Is Best For Info Marketers
    How To Make A Product Sell
  • Understanding Your Customers Triggers
  • Opt In Page Creation
  • Generating The Leads
  • Sales Pages
  • Writing Killer Copy
  • Creating Killer Videos
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • Getting People To Buy In The Future

    Selling Info Products Via Webinars
  • How To Create Killer Webinar Presentations
  • How To Create Interest For Your Webinars
  • Crafting Your Stage Presentation
  • How To Create Interest And Not Be Boring
  • Selling Products From Stage
  • The Art Of The Sale
  • Putting On Events & Seminars
  • The Secrets To Running Profitable Events
    Successful Business Models
  • How To Run A Successful Business With 0 Employees
  • How To Run a Highly Profitable Business with A Couple Employees
  • Office Set-Up Breakdown
  • Blueprint Of Our Whole Office
  • Positional Mind Maps & Responsibilities
Memphis 2-Day Buying Tour – Personal Onsite Visit   Read More

DAY 1: Training With The Experts (begins promptly at 9:00am)

During this full day Intensive Training the Experts themselves will be sharing the strategies, systems, and techniques you need to know to build wealth buying long-term hold properties. During the training you will learn:

  • An intro to Memphis market
  • How to analyze long-term Buy & Hold Properties in today’s real estate market.
  • How to effectively and accurately analyze long term cash flow potential
  • Financing strategies
  • Intro to Memphis Invest’s key team players – property managers, rehabs construction managers, closing attorneys, lenders, acquisition experts, etc
  • A breakdown of the long term investment closing process
  • An exclusive opportunity to see the inner workings of an office that buys and sells over 150 properties a year!
DAY 2: Bus Tour
During the bus tour you will be walking through a variety of available properties needing various degrees of repair with THE EXPERTS! Here you will learn first hand how to analyze a property and neighborhood for long term hold potential!
Personal Onsite Office Intensive
Visit our Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Office
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This exclusive in office training in small groups at our Real Estate office will allow you to touch and feel the setup & success you will be achieving (in an intimate classroom setting and in the field) from start to finish, step by step how to find fantastic real estate deals in your very own backyard. Whether you want to do residential, multi-family, or commercial development your highly skilled team will give you the knowledge and tools of a pro!
Are You Currently Experiencing Any of The Following Problems in Your Business?

  • Are you tired of dealing with unmotivated sellers who want full market value for their properties? Do you wish you could find deals more consistently? Do you wish there was a way to automate a larger part of this business?
  • Does it sometimes feel like you have weaker team members who are holding you back and costing you money?
  • Is your disorganization costing you valuable time and preventing you from making more money?
  • Do you feel as if you are so busy working in your business that you never have the time to work on your business?
  • Do you find yourself working on little jobs instead of tackling the more important ones that actually produce revenue?
  • Would you like more free time to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want?
  • Do you feel like you are not growing your real estate business quickly enough?
I guarantee you have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience one of these problems if you are currently buying real estate! The reason I know this is because I have faced every single one of these problems at one time or another as I was growing my real estate investment company. The beauty of the office training is to dig deep into your business, pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses and give you the knowledge and tools to set you up to maximize business growth!
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When you create a solid system and implement that system in your business, you are setting up the infrastructure to be successful. Truly efficient companies have detailed systems in place. This allows them to insert new people at any time into any position and not skip a beat. By doing this, you can remove yourself from certain responsibilities as well as quickly and efficiently replace employees whenever necessary. This allows you to run your business rather than have your business run you. If you are not able to create an effective system, you will always be a prisoner within your own business. The Mastery Program is structured with weekly Action Plan Assignments to guide you in implementing the systems necessary to release you from those chains!

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My business partners and I meet four times a year and we always get away from the office to completely eliminate distractions so we can focus on GROWING the business! Every time we meet we refocus ourselves, work out the kinks in the business, and create new goals. We have been doing this consistently for a year and a half now. The best part is we have literally doubled our income every quarter from the ideas generated at these meetings. We will give you the keys to the kingdom so you can stop banging your head against the wall. The ability to CONTINUE to have regular follow up consulting as your business grows and changes will be invaluable.