A swimming pool is an investment, perhaps one of the biggest you can make. Like all investments, it requires constant maintenance if you want to enjoy it and not let it fall into disrepair. Depending on your pool type, maintenance should be a simple thing as all you have to do is clean it. If you can’t find time to do this, you can always hire a pool cleaner for the job. When it comes to maintenance services, here are the most important of them all.

Water Balance: 

This is one of, if not the most complicated part of maintaining a pool. The swimming pool water is expected to be at a constant level where the chemicals are balanced. It is only at that level that the pool is clean and safe enough to swim in. Keeping this balance can be tricky, but it is something that you can easily do using a water testing kit. The water balance is all about keeping a neutral pH balance for your pool. This is at around 7.4 pH level, which is the pH of your mucous membranes and eyes. Where the pH level is unbalanced, what you get is irritation, it is what usually leads to sore eyes after opening your eyes underwater. Chlorine is essential for water balance, but it is not the only chemical necessary. There are other chemicals as well as natural effects that could affect pH levels. For instance, exposure to the sun may drain the chlorine, and rain may cause pH to drop due to most rains’ acidity. You should always ensure that your pool pH level is balanced and if you find it hard to keep up, hiring a pool company or professional to keep track is an option.

Pool Hardware Maintenance:

This is also very significant if you want your swimming pool to last for a very long time. There are features, machinery, and tools that you have to keep in good shape to enjoy your pool. One such is the pool filter, which helps keep your pool clean and free of small particles and debris. Keeping the filter in good shape is crucial as failure to do so may lead to more serious damage, which means you will have to spend more money. To protect the filter, ensure that large debris such as leaves are kept out of the pool because the filter isn’t designed to deal with such debris. You can use an automatic skimmer or skim your pool every day. A filter object should also be there to prevent large debris from getting to the filter.

Clean the Pool and Deck:

Keep your pool and, by extension, your deck clean at all times. Everything left on the deck could end in the pool and remember, human bodies with all its sweat, sunscreen, cream, deodorant, etc. all end up in the pool too. All these will form layers of filth over time, so try to clean before it does.


Pool maintenance is no doubt necessary and should not be ignored for any reason. If you can’t maintain your pool or hire someone to do it, it is better not to own one. For more pool services contact www.swimmingpoolcontractorsoahu.com/.